At the Arab German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we are actively expanding our initiatives to explore additional opportunities and enhance our member network, spanning across various sectors in the Arab countries. Collaborating with our partners, we are formulating innovative strategies in both regions to foster a robust economy and overcome prevailing challenges. This includes the promotion of heightened collaboration between the Arab region and Germany, encompassing both private and public sectors. The pivotal role played by Ghorfa remains instrumental in facilitating the success of cooperative efforts, agreements, and investments between Germany and the Arab countries.
Each company located in the Arab world or in Germany, has their own unique reasons for joining the chamber. Some see it as an opportunity to network, be present and cooperate with other potential business partners who are also making strategic use of our resources to grow their businesses and expand. Others join because of the many exclusive marketing benefits available. We invite you to explore the benefits of Ghorfa membership here to learn how the Ghorfa could contribute to your business growth perspectives in Germany.     
Ghorfa allows organizations to leverage the resources of the community. Ghorfa members are offered a unique opportunity to understand the directions of the economic and political relationships and participate in exclusive events and exhibitions that drive potential partners to your offerings and make your company brand well known in Germany.

There are many benefits of membership are listed here; but not limited to; the three main following areas:


As a valuable source of information, the Ghorfa also publishes a number of publications (Click here to check the list of publications) which inform about economic development trends across different industry sectors in Germany and the Arab world, these are being delivered to ministries, industrial associations and institutions in Arab countries as well as Germany, embassies, members of the Ghorfa and other companies engaged in German-Arab business relations. As an exclusive benefit only to members, we provide a spot to promote for your company brand in our publications with a 20% discount on all rates.

Each member is provided the opportunity to be mentioned in our SOUQ magazine and social Media posts, quotes for new member press releases and ongoing member product announcements, their company information, product information and logo. 

Access to Ghorfa Member mailing list

Mailing lists are a key method that the foundation uses to communicate with our members. As you will certainly want to sign up for the Ghorfa mailing list. This list will be useful in keeping decision makers abreast of activities in Germany and the Arab world and have access to all updates, news and reports published by the Ghorfa (please check our latest Economic report here and our Business Directory).

Free access to our Exclusive Forums, Summits and other events along with special promotional activities

To foster Arab-German business relations, the Ghorfa hosts conferences on different industry sectors such as health, energy, education and sports, to bring together high-ranking Arab and German professionals from respective branches. One of our flagship events is the Arab-German Business Forum, an event bringing together Arab and German Business leaders and political decision-makers. It provides a professional setting for analyzing and discussing possibilities for business expansion and serves as a place to debate business future trends in the Arab world and Germany. We present our members unique promotional opportunities like having a stand for your advertising supplements, brochures, newsletters, flyers etc. Some promotional activities will be limited to Strategic Partners depending on the context.

All you have to do to be a member is to fill-in the membership form. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.